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Charlie & Kate

Charlie Summers, the Worst Voice in Internet Audio, and his daughter Katie Summers, America's OTR Sweetheart!

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About Us:

SummersTime is the RadioOnceMore show hosted by father-and-daughter team Kate and Charlie Summers. Our goal is to pick some awesome Old-Time Radio shows that we want to hear or share with each other, and then play them for you, too!

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  Mon 6:00pm EDT
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Welcome to SummersTime!

09/28/2015: In this amazing episode, Charlie makes a road trip to the XM Satellite Radio studios in Washington, D.C. to turn the tables on National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee Bob Edwards - this time, Bob answers the questions! And after the interview, we'll play some Old-Time Radio programs he mentioned; Our Gal Sunday, The Romance Of Helen Trent, Ozzie & Harriet, and of course some excerpts with Edward R. Murrow from Hear It Now! We also have archived episodes posted to the Nostalgic Rumblings podcast!

09/21/2015: This week, Kate detects with Mr. Keen, I get a checkup from Dr. Christian, she moseys down the streets of Frontier Town, and I try desperately to convince her that Father Knows Best! And next week we have a special guest on the program...National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee Bob Edwards grants this intimidated listener an interview! And there are new archived episodes posted to the Nostalgic Rumblings podcast!

09/07/2015: We are beginning our fourth year on Radio Once More! Kate joins The Line Up, I am lectured by Crime Classics, she demands a Command Performance, and I go to school with Our Miss Brooks! I'm actually posting archived episodes to the Nostalgic Rumblings podcast!

08/03/2015: On this special episode we pay tribute to Peg Lynch, one of the most prolific writers in radio and television. We'll hear an original episode of Ethel and Albertwith long-time co-star Alan Bunce as Albert, re-creations from the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention with co-stars Bob Dryden, Jess Cain, and Arthur Anderson, and we'll close it out with some remembrances and re-creation with Bob Hastings from the last Cincinnati Old Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention. Peg Lynch passed away on July 24th.

We appreciate suggestions of programs we should listen to and play; just use the "Contact the Webmaster" button over there, or email the address given at the end of every SummersTime program. Heck, we appreciate any comments you have, from reporting damaged links on the site to what we did right or wrong on the show.

A Conversation between Katie and her Dad

Mr. Cinders Fuzzypants Summers

Cinders Fuzzypants Summers

Charlie: So, Kate...what do you think of this first effort at putting us and the show on the Web?

Kate: I like it.

C: What would you want to have changed?

K: There should be more pictures.

C: Pictures of...what?

K: I don't know, but there should be more of them.

C: Ok, maybe I'll put up a picture of our mascot, Mr. Cinders. We should probably have a pic of announcer Michael C. Gwynne, too.

K: Oh, yeah, that is a good idea. Look at you...you're smart!


Michael C. Gwynne and Diana Canova

Our announcer Michael C. Gwynne working in rehearsal with Diana Canova, daughter of Judy Canova and actress on television's SOAP